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PRIDE Association to come

 In September 2016, we finalized a feasibility study. This study was undertaken to determine further interest in the topic within the community and if it is practically and financially feasible to start an Association for “Professionals working in the field of Doctoral Education”. Part of the study was a SWOT Analysis as well as an online survey which was distributed in summer 2016. In the following we briefly Highlight some of the findings.

Strengths and Opportunities

Weaknesses and Threats

Despite of these risks, the survey encouraged us to move forward. The main objective of the PRIDE Association will be to establish, maintain and continuously enlarge a sustainable network for professionals in doctoral education. It should be established as a connecting hub for people considering themselves as or are willing to develop themselves as professionals in doctoral education in order to form a European group, to create an identity, to foster learning and continuous improvements, and, last but not least, to give them a voice within the academic community.

Stay connected with. Updates will be communicated via our Linkedin Group.


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